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About the Product                                                                &nbs..

About the Product                                                                                       

  • All our Pet Tags are made from acrylic                                             
  • High Quality Durable Pet Tags                                                          
  • Pet Friendly Tags                                                                  
  • All tags come with a strong and durable split ring                                       

How to Register / How to Access                                                                          

  • Scan the QR code from your mobile camera or using Dappl Mobile App                    
  • Register your Product with Basic Details (if new User)                               
  • Login with your Username and Password to access Dashboard                                   
  • Upload and manage any product related Information                                        

Services & Functionalities                                                                         

  • Pre-Loaded Functionalities like Smart Trace, Smart Info, Smart Alert, Smart Message                    
  • Smart Trace help to receive real time notifications from the Finder in your preferred mode of communication     
  • Smart Manage helps to upload, store and retrieve Key Pet Information                                  
  • Smart Alerts helps you to remind of Key Renewal Dates for Vet Visit, Vaccination etc.                        
  • Smart Message helps to communicate with the Finder and track the Scan status and location          
  • All Smart Manage Information are in Private mode and available to download and share for the Owner 
  • Lifelong Free Subscription gives ongoing access to the New functionalities as and when it is launched.          
  • Upgrade Options available to unlock certain exclusive benefits launched time to time



  • 3-4 Business days.