Travel tag D28

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About the Product      Product Name : Travel tag D28Tag is made of PVC materialThickness need to fillPrinted from non fading inkWhere and How to Fix                                                                  &..

About the Product      

  • Product Name : Travel tag D28
  • Tag is made of PVC material
  • Thickness need to fill
  • Printed from non fading ink

Where and How to Fix                                                                                            

  1. Suggested location is hang it along the handle                                                            
  2. Tag the cord with the plastic card                                                                                                 

How to Register / How to Access           


  • Scan the QR code from mobile camera or using Dappl Mobile App
  • Register the Product with Basic Details ( if new User )      
  • Login with your Username and Password to Upload Product related Information

Services & Functionalities                                                  

  • 1 Year Free Subscription included in the Package                      
  • Low cost No Strings Attached Annual Subscription               
  • Pre Loaded Functionalities like Smart Trace, Smart Info, Smart Alert, Smart Message 
  • Smart Trace help you find your luggage in case if it is lost.      
  • In smart trace as soon as the finder scans the Qrcode you will be notified of its location in Dappl app
  • Smart  Manage helps to upload Key mobile Information and retreive any 
  • Smart Message helps to communicate with the Finder and track the Scan status and location
  • All Smart Manage Information are in Private mode and available to downloaded only by the Owner
  • Low Cost Annual Subscription gives ongoing access to the New functionalities as and when it is launched.


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