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Simplified smart way to secure and manage your valuables.

Dappl’s unique, innovative QR stickers and tags can be stuck or attached to any of your belongings right from Vehicles to Travel Essentials, Gadgets to Home Appliances, Pets to Personal Accessories. These can help to trace, manage, alert and receive message about your valuables.

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Features and Benefits.

Dappl Stickers and Tags comes with a host of features to secure and manage your personal belongings.

Private & Multi Mode Communication

Protect your Privacy and still have a two-way communication with the Finder. There are Multiple modes of Communication to ensure the finder reaches you instantly.

Secure Data Protection

Secure Data Protection to ensure the Data related to your product is only within your access. Upload, Manage, Store and Retrieve data at your control and with your username and password access.

Lifetime Free Subscription

You have lifetime free subscription when you buy our dynamic Dappl QR Stickers and Tags. All new updates will be available for all the existing Dappl users.

How it Works

Smart Trace


Smart Trace

Help the finder to reach you instantly and privately.

Smart Info

Store, manage & retreive all your product information at the snap of your fingers.


Smart Trace
Smart Trace


Smart Alert

Never miss a date.
This feature helps you keep Alert for any key renewals.

Smart Message

Receive messages from the Finder based on your chosen contact preferences in Private or Public mode.


Smart Trace

Business Services.

Dappl stickers and tags can be Co Branded or Customised for various sectors and Business services.

Corporate Gifting
Corporate Gifting

Dynamic Customer Connect

Corporate Gifting
Corporate Gifting

Digital Product Catalogues

Corporate Gifting
Corporate Gifting

QR code in Packaging

Corporate Gifting
Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting
Corporate Gifting

Offers & Rewards

Corporate Gifting
Corporate Gifting

Think QR. Think Dappl.