Dappl Pets Tag

  • Do you find it awkard to display emergency details in your pet collar?
  • Have your ever lost your Pet?
  • Does your Pet means world to you?

Amazing Dappl Pets Tag

Smart Message helps to communicate with the Finder and track the Scan status and location

6 reasons why you should give your furry friends QR code Pet Tag from Dappl

No need to put Labels on the Collar Tag.

Tag the Dappl QR Tag to solve the problem.

It helps people contact you quickly about your pet.

You can always edit the information in real time on the Tag.

No need to reprint the Tag to edit information.

The pet information can have Name,vaccination status and medical history.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I access Dappl services without being registered?

No, you have to register yourself at Dappl for using its services.

2 How to get registered at Dappl services?

You need to create an account at Dappl to access its store. Follow the following simple steps to create an account:

  1. 1. Open Dappl
  2. 2. Select the “Sign up” option from the “My account” drop-down
  3. 3. Enter your details in the sign-up form and click on “Create account”
  4. 4. By doing so, your account will be created and the following message will be displayed on your screen
  5. 5. Open your email and click on the following click to activate your account at Dappl
  6. 6. On clicking the activation link, you will be redirected to the Dappl dashboard
3Is registration free at Dappl?

Yes, you can sign up at Dappl for free.